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Costa Rica is a paradise with lots of beaches, nature, and wildlife, perfect for a vacation with the entire family. On this site you'll find everything you need: A hotel, a surf beach, a tour operator, a beach rental, a car rental company, an entire vacation package, a cheap beach cabin or luxury All Included Beach or Jugle Resort.

"Costa Rica Information"

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Make a decision that will change your well-being and the way you see your life. Look at our first time traveler page. Once you come, you will see why. And now, plan your trip, and use this most informative site.

In which activities will you participate? Here you'll find all the information and pictures of Costa Rica and all national parks with their flora and fauna. Get informed about beaches for sunbathing or surfing, packages for vacationing and fishing, and of course, hotels and tours as well.

Are you one out of 3 million people who will ever see an active volcano? We'll guide you to the place of your dreams. It is very unlikely that you find more information and pictures, and better rates anywhere else. Undoubtedly, you will find what you are looking for once you are in Costa Rica - I did. Enjoy the best climate in the world year-round from the clear, hot Pacific winters to the sunny Caribbean summers. Soon after your arrival, you'll start dreaming about your return visit.

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Costa Rica Fauna:  A B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   A   Amazon Kingfisher  American Crocodile  American Pygmy Kingfisher  American Swallow-tailed Kite (+pic.)  American Swallow-tailed Kites  Amphibians (Species)  Amphibians (Pictures)  Anhinga (+pic)  Anhingas  Anteaters  Armadillos  Azure-hooded Jay  B   Baird's Tapir  Baltimore Oriole  Bananaquit  Banded-backed Wren  Band-tailed Pigeon  Bare-throated Tiger Heron (+pic.)  Bare-throated Tiger Herons  Barn Swallow  Barred Antshrike  Barred Whiptail  Barred Woodcreeper  Basilisk  Bats  Bay-headed Tanager  Belted Kingfisher  Bicolored Antbird  Big-headed Anole  Bird-eating Snake  Birds, Pictures  Birds, Species  Black-bellied Plover  Black-bellied Whistling Duck (+pic.)  Black-bellied Whistling Ducks  Black-cheeked Woodpecker  Black-chested Hawks  Black-faced Antthrush  Black-faced Grosbeak  Black-faced Solitaire  Black Guan  Black-headed Trogon  Black Myotis  Black River Turtle  Black-shouldered Kites  Black-striped Sparrow  Black-throated Trogon  Black Vulture (+pic.)  Black Vultures  Blue and White Swallow  Blue-crowned Motmot  Blue-gray Tanager  Blue Ground-dove  Blue-winged Teal  Blunt-headed Tree Snake  Boa Constrictor  Boat-billed Flycatcher  Boat-billed Heron (+pic.)  Boat-billed Herons  Bottle Nosed Dolphins  Bransford's Litter Frog  Brilliant Forest Frog  Broad-billed Motmot  Broad-winged Hawk (+pic.)  Broad-winged Hawks  Bronzed Cowbird  Brown Booby  Brown-crested Flycatcher  Brown-hooded Parrot  Brown Land Turtle  Brown Jay  Brown Pelican (+Pic.)  Brown Pelicans  Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth  Brown Vine Snake  Boulenger's Snouted Treefrog  Buff-rumped Warbler  Buff-throated Saltator  Bushmaster (Snake)  C  Capuchin Monkeys  Caracaras  Cattle Egret (+pic.)  Cattle Egrets  Central American Agouti (+pic)  Central American Agoutis  Central American Coral Snake  Central American Dwarf Squirrel  Central American Mud Turtle  Central American Smooth Gecko  Central American Spider Monkey  Central American Spider Monkeys  Central American Squirrel Monkeys  Central American Whiptail  Central American Woolly Opossum  Chestnut-headed Oropendola  Chestnut-mandibled Toucan  Chestnut-sided Warbler  Cinnamon Hummingbird  Clay-colored Robin  Climate and Geography  Collared Aracari  Collared Forest Falcon  Collared Peccary  Common Black Hawk (+pic.)  Common Black Hawks  Common Bush-tanager  Common Dink Frog  Common Dolphins  Common Ground-dove  Common Opossum  Common Rain Frog  Common Tody Flycatcher  Common Vampire Bat  Conservation in Costa Rica  Cormorants  Coyote (+pic)  Crab-eating Racoon (+pic.)  Crab-eating Racoons  Crested Caracara (+pic.)  Crested Caracaras  Crested Guan  Crocodile  Crowned Woodnymph  Ctenosaur  Cuckoos  D  Dangerous Snakes  Dangerous Snakes Pictures  Deer  Deppe's Whiptail  Dogs  Dolphins  Dotted-winged Antwren  Double-striped Thick-knee  Doves  Drab Treefrog  Ducks  Dusky-capped Flycatcher  Dusky-faced Tanager  E  Eagle  Eastern Cottontail  Ecotourism, what is it?  Ecotourism, History  Egrets  Emerald Glass Frog  Emerald Toucanet  Endangered Species  Eyelash Viper  F  Falcon  False Vampire Bat  Fer-de-lance (Snake)  Ferruginous Pygmy-owl  Fiery-billed Aracari  Fleischmann's Glass Frog  Forest Rabbits  G  Game Birds  Geography and Climate  Gladiator Frog  Golden-browed Chlorophonia  Golden-hooded Tanager  Golden Toad  Granular Poison-arrow Frog  Gray-breasted Wood-wren  Gray-capped Flycatcher  Gray Four-eyed Opossum  Gray Fox  Gray-headed Chachalaca  Gray-headed Kite  Gray-necked Wood-rail  Gray-rumped Swift  Great Curassow  Great Egret (+pic.)  Great Egrets  Greater Fishing Bat  Greater White-lined Bat  Great Kiskadee  Great-tailed Grackle  Great Tinamou  Green-backed Herons  Green Climbing Toad  Green-crowend Brilliant  Green Hermit  Green Heron  Green Honeycreeper  Green Ibis  Green Iguana  Green Kingfisher  Green Parrot Snake  Green Poison-arrow Frog  Green Sea Turtle  Green Spiny Lizard  Green Violet-ear  Grison (+pic.)  Grisons  Ground Anole  Groove-billed Ani  Gulls  H   Harlequin Frog  Harlequin Snake  Harpy Eagle  Hawks  Hawksbill Sea Turtle  Herons  Hoffman's Two-toad Sloth  Hoffman's Woodpecker  Hooded Skunk  House Sparrow  House Wren  Hummingbirds  Hump-back Whale  Howler Monkeys    I, J  Ibis  Iguanas  Inca Dove  Indigo Snake  Insects  Jaguar (+pic.)  Jaguars  Jaguarundi (+pic.)  Jaguarundis  Jabiru Stork  Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat  Jumping Viper      K   Keel-billed Toucan  Kingfishers  King Vulture (+pic.)  King Vultures  Kinkajou (+pic.)  Kinkajous      L   Kites  Laughing Falcon (+pic.)  Laughing Falcons  Laughing Gull  Leaf Litter Gecko  Leatherback Sea Turtle  Leopard Frog  Lesser Nighthawk  Lesser Yellow-headed Vultures  Lineated Woodpecker  Litter Skink  Litter Toad  Little Blue Heron (+pic.)  Little Blue Herons  Little Hermit  Lizards  Long-tailed Hermit  Long-tailed Manakin  Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher  Long-tailed Tyrant  Long-tailed Weasel (+pic.)  Long-tailed Weasels  Lovely Poison-dart Frog    M  Magenta-throated Hummingbird  Magnificent Frigatebird (+pic.)  Magnificent Frigatebirds  Mammals (Species)  Mammals (Pictures)  Mangrove Swallow  Mantled Howler Monkey  Mantled Howler Monkeys  Margay  Marine Toad  Masked Tityra  Masked Treefrog  Meadow Treefrog  Mealy Parrot  Mexican Burrowing Toad  Mexican Hairy Porcupine  Mexican Treefrog  Mica (Snake)  Misfit Leaf Frog  Montezumas Oropendola  Motmots  Mountain Salamander  Mudpuddle Frog  Muscovy Duck (+pic.)  Muscovy Ducks  Mussurana (Snake)    N   Nectar Bat  Neotropical Otter  Nightjars  Nine-banded Armadillo  Northern Jacana  Northern Racoon (+pic.)  Northern Racoons  Northern Tamandua    O   Ocelot (+pic.)  Ocelots  Ochre-bellied Flycatcher  Olingo (+pic.)  Olingos  Olivaceous Cormorant (+pic.) Olivaceous Cormorants  Olivaceous Piculet  Olivaceous Woodcreeper  Olive-backed Euphonia  Olive Ridley Sea Turtle  Oncilla  Opossums  Orange + Black Poison-dart Frog  Orange-billed Sparrow  Orange-chinned Parakeet  Orange-fronted Parakeet  Osprey (+pic.)  Ospreys  Owls  P , Q  Paca  Pacific Screech-owl  Pale-billed Woodpecker  Palm Tanager  Parrots  Passerines  Pauraque  Peccaries  Pelagic Sea Snake  Pelicans  Pigeons  Plain Chachalaca  Poisenous Snakes  Poisenous Snakes Pictures  Porcupines  Pumas  Purple Caecilian  Purple Gallinule  Purple-throated Fruitcrow  Purple-throated Mountain-gem    R  Rabbits  Rails  Rainforest Hognosed Pit-viper  Red-backed Squirrel Monkley  Red-billed Pigeon  Red Brocket Deer  Red-capped Manakin  Red-crowned Woodpecker  Red-eyed Leaf Frog  Red-legged Honeycreeper  Red-lored Parrot  Red-tailed Squirrel  Red Turtle  Reptiles (Species)  Reptiles (Pictures)  Resplendent Quetzal  Ringed Kingfisher  Ring-tailed Salamander  Roadguard (Snake)  Roadside Hawk (+pic.)  Roadside Hawks  Roseate Spoonbill (+pic.)  Rosate Spoonbills  Ruddy Ground-dove  Ruddy Quail-dove  Rufous-collared Sparrow  Rufous Motmot  Rufous-naped Wren  Rufous Piha  Rufous-tailed Hummingbird  Rufous-tailed Jacamar    S   Sanderling  Scarlet Macaw  Scarlet-rumped Cacique  Scarlet-rumped Tanager  Scarlet-thighed Dacnis  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher  Scrub Euphonia  Shining Honeycreeper  Shorebirds  Short-billed Pigeon  Short-tailed Fruit Bat  Silky Anteater  Silver-throated Tanager  Skink-eater (Snake)  Skunks  Slate-throated Redstart  Slaty-breasted Tinamou  Slaty-tailed Trogon  Slender Anole  Sloths  Smokey Jungle Frog  Smooth-billed Ani  Snapping Turtle  Snowy Coting  Snowy Egret (+pic.)  Snowy Egrets  Social Flycatcher  Sooty-capped Bush-tanager  Sooty Robin  Southern River Otter  Southern Rough-winged Swallow  Speckled Racer (Snake)  Speckled Tanager  Spectacled Caiman  Spectacled Owl  Spotted-bellied Bobwhite  Spotted Sandpiper  Squirrel Cuckoo  Squirrel Monkeys  Squirrels  Steely-vented Hummingbird  Strawberry Poison-dart Frog  Streak-backed Oriole  Streaked-headed Woodcreeper  Striped Cuckoo  Striped-headed Sparrow  Striped Hog-nosed Skunk  Striped-tailed Hummingbird  Sucker-footed Bat  Sunbittern  Sungrebe  Swainson's Hawk  Swifts    T  Tapirs  Tayra (+pic.)  Tayras  Tennessee Warbler  Thicket Tinamou  Three-striped Warbler  Three-wattled Bellbird  Toads  Tricolored Heron  Trogons  Tropical Gnatcatcher  Tropical Kingbird  Tropical Kingsnake  Tropical Rattlesnake  Turkey Vulture (+pic.)  Turkey Vultures  Turquoise-browed Motmot  Turtles    U - Z  Vaillant's Frog  Variable Seedeater (Caribbean)  Variable Seedeater (Pacific)  Variegated Squirrel  Variegated Treefrog  Venomous Snakes  Venomous Snakes Pictures  Violaceous Trogon  Violet Sabrewing  Vultures  Water Opossum  Wedge-billed Woodcreeper  Western Sandpiper  West Indian Manatee  Whimbrel  White-breasted Wood-wren  White-collared Manakin  White-collared Swift  White-crowned Parrot  White-faced Capuchin Monkey  White-faced Capuchin Monkeys  White-fronted Nunnbird  White-fronted Parrot  White Hawk (+pic.)  White Hawks  White Ibis (+pic.)  White Ibis  White-lipped Mud Turtle  White-lipped Peccary  White-necked Puffbird  White-nosed Coati (+pic.)  White-nosed Coatis  White-ruffed Manakin  White-tailed Deer  White-throated Magpie-jay  White-tipped Dove  White-whiskered Puffbird  White-winged Dove  Wildlife Watching  Woodpeckers  Wood Stork  Yellowbelly Gecko  Yellow-billed Cacique  Yellow-crowned Euphonia  Yellow-crowned Night Herons  Yellow-faced Grassquit  Yellow-headed Caracara (+pic.)  Yellow-headed Caracaras  Yellow Margay  Yellow-naped Parrot  Yellow-throated Euphonia

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Yellow marked beaches have Surfing Information:   A Avellanas  Azul  B Bahía Ballena  Barco  Barrigona  Bejuco  Black  Blanca  Bonita  Boca Barranca  Boca Damas  Brasilito  Buena Vista  C Cabuya  Cacao  Camaronal  Carbón  Caribbean North  Carmen  Carrillo  Chiquita  Cocalito  Cocles  Conchal  Corozalito  Coyote  Cuajiniquil  D Danta  Del Coco  Dominical  Doña Ana  Drake Bay  E El Rey  Escondida  Espadilla  Esterillos Este  Esterillos Oeste  F Flamingo  G Garza   Grande  H Hermosa (Guanacaste)  Hermosa (Jacó)  Herradura  I Iguanita  Isla Uvita  Islita  J Jacó  Junquillal  L Langosta  M Mal País  Manuel Antonio  Manzanillo  Matapalo  Montezuma  N Nacazcolo  Naranjo  Negra  Nosara  O Ocotal  Organos  Ostional P Panamá  Pan de Azúcar  Pavones  Pelada  Penca  Piñuela  Playas Del Coco  Playita Manuel Antonio  Pochote  Portete  Potrero  Potrero Grande  Prieta  Puerto Caldera  Puerto Soley  Puerto Viejo  Punta Guiones  Q Quepos  Quizales  R Rajada  Roca Loca  S Sámara  San Josecito  San Miguel  Santa Teresa  Sugar Beach  T Tamarindo  Tambor  Tivives  Tortuga  V Valor  Ventanas  W Westfalia  Z Zancudo  (Yellow Beaches with Surf Information)

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Airport  Alajuela City  Arenal  Atenas  Ballena  Buenavista Beach  Cahuita  Cañas  Caño Negro  Cariari  Carrillo Beach  Cartago  Ciruelas de Miramar  Ciudad Neilly  Ciudad Quesada  Cóbano  Cocal Beach  Conchal Beach  Coronado de Osa Del Coco Beach  Dominical Beach  Drake Bay  Escazú  Filadelfia  Flamingo Beach  Golfito  Grande Beach  Guápiles  Heredia  Hermosa Beach  Herradura Beach  Huacas  Jacó Beach  Junquillal Beach  La Cruz  La Fortuna  La Garita  La Virgen de Sarapiqui  Liberia  Limón City  Los Yoses  Malpaís  Manuel Antonio  Manzanillo  Miramar  Monteverde  Montezuma  Naranjo  Nicoya  Nosara Beach  Nuevo Arenal  Ocotal Beach  Orotina  Osa Peninsula  Ostional Beach  Palmar Norte  Panamá Beach  Papagayo Gulf  Paquera  Pavones  Pérez Zeledón  Pococí  Potrero Beach  Puerto Jiménez  Puerto Viejo de Talamanca  Punta Leona  Punta Mala  Puntarenas City  Puriscal  Quepos  Rincón de La Vieja  Río Aranjuez  Sámara Beach  San Carlos  San Gerardo de Dota  San Isidro El General  San José City  San Pedro  San Rafael de Heredia  San Ramón  Santa Ana  Santa Cruz  Santa Elena  Santa Teresa  Sierpe  Tamarindo Beach  Tambor Beach  Tibás  Tilarán  Tortuguero  Uvita de Osa  Vergel  Zancudo Beach

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Help building a better world  A   Afghanistan  Akrotiri  Albania  Algeria  American Samoa  American Virgin Islands  Andorra  Angola  Anguilla  Antarctica  Antigua and Barbuda  Argentina  Armenia  Aruba  Ashmore and Cartier Islands  Atlantic Ocean  Australia  Austria  Azerbaijan    B   Bahamas  Bahrain  Baker Island  Bangladesh  Barbados  Belarus  Belgium  Belize  Benin  Bermuda  Bhutan  Bolivia  Bosnia-Herzegovina  Botswana  Bouvet Island  Brazil  British Virgin Islands  Brunei Darussalam  Bulgaria  Burkina Faso  Burma  Burundi     C   Cambodia  Cameroon  Canada  Cape Verde  Cayman Island s  Central African Republic  Chad  Chile  China  Christmas Island  Clipperton Island  Cocos Keeling Islands  Colombia  Comoros  Congo Democratic Republic  Congo Republic  Cook Islands  Coral Sea Islands  Costa Rica  Croatia  Cuba  Cyprus  Czech Republic     D   Denmark  Dhekelia  Djibouti  Dominica  Dominican Republic     E   Ecuador  Egypt  El Salvador  Equatorial Guinea  Eritrea  Estonia  Ethiopia    F   Faeroe Islands  Falkland Islands  Fiji Island  Finland  France  French Polynesia  French Southern and Antarctic Lands    G   Gabon  Gambia  Gaza Strip  Georgia  Germany  Ghana  Gibraltar  Greece  Greenland  Grenada  Guam  Guatemala  Guernsey  Guinea  Guinea-Bissau  Guyana    H   Haiti  Heard Island and McDonald Islands  Honduras  Hong Kong  Howland Island  Hungary    I    Iceland  India  Indian Ocean  Indian Ocean Territory Brithish  Indonesia  Iraq  Iran  Ireland    Isle of Man  Israel  Italy  Ivory Coast    J   Jamaica  Jan Mayen  Japan  Jarvis Island  Jersey  Johnston Atoll  Jordan  Juan de Nova Island    K   Kazakhstan  Kenya  Kingman Reef  Kiribati-Gilbert Islands  Kosovo  Kuwait  Kyrgyzstan    L   Laos  Latvia  Lebanon  Lesotho  Liberia  Libya  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg    M   Macau  Macedonia  Madagascar  Malawi  Malaysia  Maldives  Mali  Malta  Marshall Islands  Mauritania  Mauritius  Mayotte  Mexico  Micronesia  Midway Islands  Moldova  Monaco  Mongolia  Montenegro  Montserrat  Morocco  Mozambique    N   Namibia  Nauru  Navassa Island  Nepal  Netherlands  Netherlands Antilles  New Caledonia French  New Zealand  Nicaragua  Niger  Nigeria  Niue  Norfolk Island  North Korea  Northern Mariana Islands  Norway    O   Oman    P   Pacific Ocean  Pakistan  Palau  Palmyra Atoll  Panama  Papua New Guinea  Paraguay  Peru  Philippines  Pitcairn Islands  Poland  Portugal  Puerto Rico    Q   Qatar    R  Romania  Russian Federation  Rwanda    S   Saint Barthelemy  Saint Helena  Saint Kitts and Nevis  Saint Lucia  Saint Martin  Saint Pierre and Michelon  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Samoa Islands  San Marino  Sao Tome and Principe  Saudi Arabia  Serbia  Senegal  Seychelles  Sierra Leone  Singapore  Slovak Republic  Slovenia  Solomon  Somalia  South Africa  South Georgia Islands  South Korea  South Sandwich Islands  Southern Ocean  Spain  Spratly Islands  Sri Lanka  Sudan  Suriname  Svalbard  Swaziland  Sweden  Switzerland  Syria    T   Taiwan  Tajikistan  Tanzania  Thailand  Timor-Leste  Togo  Tokelau  Tonga  Trinidad and Tobago  Tunisia  Turkey  Turkmenistan  Turks and Caicos  Tuvalu    U   Uganda  Ukraine  United Arab Emirates  United Kingdom  United States of America  Uruguay  Uzbekistan    V   Vanuatu  Vatican City  Venezuela  Vietnam    W   Wake Island  Wallis and Futuna  West Bank  Western Sahara  World    Y   Yemen    Z   Zambia  Zimbabwe